History of Idiom 213

Idiom #213 Case-insensitive string compare

Compare four strings in pair-wise variations. The string comparison can be implemented with an equality test or a containment test, must be case-insensitive and must apply Unicode casefolding.

This idiom task is intended to supplant #133 which suffers from massive quality problems.

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👁 Δ 4 2019-11-05, 20:36 New Python implementation by user [Oldboy] Oldboy
👁 Δ 3 2019-10-30, 19:12 [Ruby] added demo link steenslag
👁 Δ 2 2019-10-30, 19:05 New Ruby implementation by user [steenslag] steenslag
1 2019-10-30, 16:46 Idiom creation by user [daxim] daxim