If a variable x passed to procedure tst is of type foo, print "Same type." If it is of a type that extends foo, print "Extends type." If it is neither, print "Not related."
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Other implementations
#include <iostream>
#include <type_traits>
template<typename T>
void tst(T)
    using namespace std;

    // Strip away any references and pointer
    typedef remove_const<remove_pointer<decay<T>::type>::type>::type D;

    if(is_same<D, foo>::value)
        cout << "same type" << endl;
    else if(is_base_of<foo, D>::value)
        cout << "extends type" << endl;
        cout << "not related" << endl;
public static void tst(Object x) {
  if (x.GetType() == typeof(foo))
    Console.WriteLine("Same type.");
  else if (x.GetType().IsAssignableTo(typeof(foo)))
    Console.WriteLine("Extends type.");
    Console.WriteLine("Not related.");			
tst(x) {
  if (x.runtimeType == Foo) {
    print("Same Type.");
  } else if (x is Foo) {
    print("Extends type.");
  } else {
    print("Not related.");
  subroutine tst (x)
    class (*), intent(in) :: x
    type (foo) :: y
    if (same_type_as (x,y)) then
       write (*,'(A)') "Same type."
    else if (extends_type_of (x,y)) then
       write (*,'(A)') "Extends type."
       write (*,'(A)') "Not related."
    end if
  end subroutine tst
uses classes;
procedure tst(x: tobject);
  if x.ClassType = foo then
    writeln('Same type')
  else if x is foo then
    writeln('Extends type')
    writeln('Not related');
use v5.10;
sub tst {
    my ($x) = @_;

    if ( $x->isa('Foo') ) {
        say "Same type";
    elsif ( $x->isa('FooExt') ) {
        my $issubclass = grep { $_ eq 'Foo' } @FooExt::isa;
        say $issubclass ? "Extends type" : "Same type";
    else {
        say "Not related"
def tst(x):
    if type(x) == foo:
        print("Same type.")
    elif isinstance(x, foo):
        print("Extends type.")
        print("Not related.")
def tst(x)
  if x.class == Foo then puts "Same type."
    elsif x.is_a?(Foo) then puts "Extends type." 
    else puts "Not related."
fn type_of<T>(_: &T) -> &str {

if type_of(&x) == type_of(&foo) {
    println!("x & foo -> same type");
} else {
    println!("x & foo -> not related");