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Other implementations
int n = s.length();
var n = s.length;
n = s.length
uses LazUtf8;
n := length(s);
int n = s.length;
n = s.size
uses LazUtf8;
n := Utf8Length(s);
size_t n = s.length;
size_t n = s.walkLength;
import std.uni, std.range;
size_t n = s.byGrapheme.walkLength;
n = len(s)
n = length s
uses sysutils;
n := s.length;
n = String.length s
local n = utf8.len(s)
let n = s.chars().count();
my $n = length( $s );
$n = mb_strlen($s, 'UTF-8');
int n = s.Length;
val n = s.length()