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Other implementations
boolean ok = s.contains(word);
var ok = s.contains(word);
$ok = index($s,$word) >= 0;
var ok = s.indexOf(word) !== -1;
import "strings"
ok := strings.Contains(s, word)
let ok = s.contains(word);
#include <string.h>
int ok=strstr(s,word)!=NULL;
$ok = strpos($s, $word) !== false;
import std.algorithm.searching;
bool ok = s.canFind(word);
ok = word in s
ok := pos(word,s)<>0;
ok = s.include?(word)
ok = word `isInfixOf` s
ok = String.contains?(s, word)
Ok = string:str(S, Word) > 0.
ok = s:find(word, 1, true)
var ok = s.Contains(word);
with Ada.Strings.Fixed;
use Ada.Strings.Fixed;
Ok : Boolean := Index (S, Word) > 0;
ok = false
if s:find(word, 1, true) then ok = true end
ok = s:find(word, 1, true) ~= nil
val ok = s.contains(word)
var ok = s.includes(word);
(require '[clojure.string :as string])
(def ok (string/includes? word s))
val ok = s.contains(word)
ok = index(string, word) /= 0
Dim ok As Boolean = s.Contains(word)