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Idiom #141 Iterate in sequence over two lists

Iterate in sequence over the elements of the list items1 then items2. For each iteration print the element.

import std.range;
import std.algorithm.iteration;
import std.stdio;
chain(items1, items2).each!writeln;
for _, v := range items1 {
for _, v := range items2 {
mapM_ print $ items1 ++ items2
for i := 0 to items1.Count-1 do writeln(items1[i]);
for i := 0 to items2.Count-1 do writeln(items2[i]);
for x in items1 + items2:
[items1, items2].each{|ar| ar.each{|item| p item }}
items1.chain(items2).each{|item| puts item}
for i in item1.chain(item2) {
    print!("{} ", i);
(map (lambda (x)
       (display x)
     (append items1 items2))

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