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Idiom #24 Assign to string the japanese word ネコ

Declare a new string s and initialize it with the literal value "ネコ" (which means "cat" in japanese)

  use, intrinsic :: iso_fortran_env
  implicit none
  integer, parameter :: u = selected_char_kind('ISO_10646')

  character(kind=u,len=2) :: cat
  cat = u_"ネコ"
const char * s = "ネコ";
(def s "ネコ")
#include <string>
std::string s = u8"ネコ";
string s = "ネコ";
string s = "ネコ";
var s = "ネコ";
s = "ネコ"
S = unicode:characters_to_binary("ネコ"),
s := "ネコ"
s = "ネコ"
s = "ネコ";
String s = "ネコ";
(defvar *s* "ネコ")
s = 'ネコ'
NSString *s=@"ネコ";
$s = "ネコ";
{$codepage utf8}
s := "ネコ";
use utf8;
my $s = 'ネコ';
s = "ネコ"
s = "ネコ"
let s = "ネコ";
val s = "ネコ"
Dim s As String = "ネコ"

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