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Idiom #258 Convert list of strings to list of integers

Convert the string values from list a into a list of integers b.

var b = a.map(int.parse).toList();
var b = a.Select(i => int.Parse(i)).ToList();
integer, allocatable, dimension(:) :: b
  allocate (b(size(a)))
  read (unit=a,fmt=*) b
import "strconv"
b := make([]int, len(a))
var err error
for i, s := range a {
	b[i], err = strconv.Atoi(s)
	if err != nil {
		return err
let b = a.map(Number)
import java.util.ArrayList;
ArrayList<Integer> b = new ArrayList<>();
for(String value : a) {
import java.util.List;
import java.util.stream.Collectors;
List<Integer> b = items.stream()
uses classes, systutils, fgl;
  a: TStringList;
  b: specialize TList<Integer>;
for i := 0 to a.count-1 do b.add(IntToStr(a[i]));
@b = map { $_ += 0 } @a
b = [int(elem) for elem in a]
b = a.map(&:to_i)
let b: Vec<i32> = a.iter().flat_map(|s| s.parse().ok()).collect();
let b: Vec<i64> = a.iter().map(|x| x.parse::<i64>().unwrap()).collect();
For i = LBound(a) To UBound(a)
    b(i) = CInt(a(i))

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