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Idiom #216 Pad a string on both sides

Add extra character c at the beginning and ending of string s to make sure its length is at least m.
After the padding the original content of s should be at the center of the result.
The length is the number of characters, not the number of bytes.

E.g. with s="abcd", m=10 and c="X" the result should be "XXXabcdXXX".

  i = (m-len(s))/2
  j = (m - len(s)) - (m-len(s))/2
  s = repeat(c,i) // s // repeat(c,j)
uses LazUtf8;
s := UTF8PadCenter(s,m,c);
use feature 'signatures';
my $total_padding = $m-length($s);
if( $total_padding ) {
   my $l = int($total_padding/2);
   my $r = $total_padding-$l;
   $s = join "", ($c x $l), $s, ($c x $r);
s = s.center(m, c)

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