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Idiom #73 Create a factory

Create a factory named fact for any sub class of Parent and taking exactly one string str as constructor parameter.

auto fact(T, A...)(A a)
if (is(T==class) && is(T: Parent))
    return new T(a);
type ParentFactory func(string) Parent

var fact ParentFactory = func(str string) Parent {
	return Parent{
		name: str,
type Parent = class
  constructor create(const str: string);

type ClassOfParent = class of Parent;

function fact(ClassType: ClassOfParent; const str: string): Parent;
  result := ClassType.Create(str);
def fact(a_class, str_):
    if issubclass(a_class, Parent):
        return a_class(str_)
def fact(klass, str) if klass.is_a?(Parent)

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