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Idiom #227 Copy a list

Create the new list y containing the same elements as the list x.

Subsequent modifications of y must not affect x (except for the contents referenced by the elements themselves if they contain pointers).

List<T> y = x.ToList();
List<Int32> y = new List<Int32>(x);
y = [...x];
type (foo), allocatable, dimension(:) :: y
y = x
y := make([]T, len(x))
copy(y, x)
import "slices"
y := slices.Clone(x)
let y = x.slice();
import java.util.ArrayList;
ArrayList<String> y = new ArrayList<>(x);
uses classes;
use Storable qw(dclone);
my @y = @x; # for simple arrays

# for complex arrays with references:
my @y = @{dclone(\@x)};
y = x[:]
y = x.copy()
y = x.dup
let y = x.clone();

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