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Idiom #49 Split a space-separated string

Build list chunks consisting in substrings of input string s, separated by one or more space characters.

let chunks:Vec<_> = s.split_whitespace().collect();
#include <string.h>
chunks[0] = strtok(s, " ");
for (int i = 1; i < N; ++i)
    chunks[i] = strtok(NULL, " ");
    if (!chunks[i])
string[] chunks = s.Split(' ');
import std.range;
auto chunks = s.splitter;
s.split(new RegExp('\\s+'))
chunks = String.split(s)
Chunks = string:tokens(S, [$\s]).
import "strings"
chunks := strings.Split(s, " ")
import "strings"
chunks := strings.Fields(s)
chunks = words s
var chunks = s.split(/ +/);
String[] chunks = s.split("\\s+");
chunks = {}
for substring in s:gmatch("%S+") do
   table.insert(chunks, substring)
$chunks = preg_split("/ +/", $s);
Uses Classes;
chunks.StrictDelimiter := True;
chunks.Delimiter := ' ';
chunks.DelimitedText := s;
@chunks = split /\s+/, $s;
chunks = s.split()
chunks = s.split
val chunks = s.split(" ")
(define (tokenize l)
  (let loop ((t '())
             (l l))
    (if (pair? l)
        (let ((c (car l)))
          (if (char=? c #\space)
              (cons (reverse t) (loop '() (cdr l)))
              (loop (cons (car l) t) (cdr l))))
        (if (null? t)
            (list (reverse t))))))

(define (string-split s)
  (map list->string (tokenize (string->list s))))

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